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Illustrator, Photoshop Techniques

Forget HDR Software! Start Creating Natural, Clean HDRs With Digital Blending The Beginner’s Introduction to the Develop Panel in Adobe Lightroom Bringing Your Logo into Lightroom (with a transparent background behind it) Using Lightroom Smart Collections to Organize HDRs and Panos How to Create Faux Fog in Photoshop in 4 Easy Steps How to create… Read More »

Wine: Retailer: Franglais Vins, Calais

Franglais Vins, Chemin Département, 62185 Fréthun, France   Please note the information provided is my own personal opinion. It is not a recommendation. Before trying any of the food and wine mentioned you should verify that it is appropriate for your needs. You should always eat and drink responsibly. In choosing to access this web… Read More »

A Critique of the ISSN Position Stand on Meal Frequency | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health<   Shared from Zite.    

5:2 intermittent fasting diet – The Pros and Cons

source: Earlier this year, we posted about the 5:2 diet, and how our DietAssist programme can make intermittent fasting diets like the 5:2 much easier and longer lasting. In the article, we also cautioned that whilst intermittent fasting has many reported health benefits, it is not safe for everyone, especially pregnant women and diabetics.… Read More »

2 Day Diet: Is That Really Enough?

The 2-Day Diet was created by Dr. Michelle Harvie, research dietitian at Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, and Professor Tony Howell. The authors worked together in research exploring the connection between breast cancer and obesity. They designed this diet to help women with breast cancer to lose weight and keep it off for good. Diet for… Read More »