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How much chocolate should I eat if any? I like Lindt Chocolate. I though it would be instructive to compare their three types of plain chocolate as follows: (source Chocolate Calories Sugar Saturated Fat Lindt (1 square)       70% 52 2.8g 2.4g 85% 53 1.4g 2.8g 90% 58 0.7g 3.0g   Assuming… Read More »

Cancers, Dementia, Alzheimers

When I started this “journey”, I had no idea where it might end up.As I have stated elsewhere I was shocked to discover that the established wisdom might be wrong. That there was a possible link between Sugar (Fructose) and overweight, obesity, type II diabetes. Then I started to discover that possibly there was a… Read More »

Health and Wine

I love wine and I am not going to stop drinking it within moderation. So I need to figure out how much sugar(hence fructose) that is. There is residual sugar left in most wines. A dry wine has less that a sweet pudding wine, apparently about a ratio of 1:10. So I don’t plan to… Read More »

This is what happens to your brain when you give up sugar

I came across this interesting article. Source: Jordan Gaines Lewis, Neuroscience Doctoral Candidate at Penn State College of Medicine for The Conversation Feb 18, 2015 Theconversation_140px-logo Anyone who knows me also knows that I have a huge sweet tooth. I always have. My friend and fellow graduate student Andrew is equally afflicted, and living in… Read More »

The Dukan diet.

see I am not a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist. This is only my personal interpretation of what I have read and my experiences from what I have done. You should not take my experiences, nor what I write about as any form of recommendation. Always consult your medical advisors first. What I have done… Read More »

Health Sugar Risks Go Beyond Weight Gain

The idea that dietary sugars increase the risk for such things as hypertension and the development of health threatening changes in lipid profiles is not new. But a commonly held perception has been that these health risks represented a direct consequence of the fact that increased dietary sugar consumption caused weight gain, and it was… Read More »

The most reliable hard drives.

I have had lots of problems with hard drive reliability. So I found the following link useful. I have note doubt they will post later data as it becomes available.