Archiving: tagging images/objects.

By | 2016-05-19

How do you organise, tag, archive (preserve) and make available to others photos/images?

For example you may have copies of certificates, bibles, or a seamans whistle which you have photographed.

My starting point is an assumption that you have either scanned them all in, or taken photographs of them. The following questions apply.

  • What format do you have them in?
  • Where do you store them? For example you could put them on the hard disk of your computer. What will happen to that when you  die? I can share them online via Facebook, Google,Flickr, and many others. Will my accounts be around 50 years after my death, will the hosting company be around? How do you ensure that they won’t get lost? Security and backup, although boring subjects are important in this context. If you put the data on the hard drive of your computer what happens when you house burns down accidentally? Do you have a copy some where else?
  • How do you identify them and information about the content (tagging) (such as peoples name)? How do you ensure that information is consistent and understandable? Should you comply with a standard?Tagging images is discussed in more detail in Tagging Images.
  • How do you share them and comply with legal requirements and copyright requirements?
  • How do you pass them on to subsequent generations or other researchers?
  • What is the performance and accessibility of your chosen storage location.
  • What should you do about facial recognition?
  • You may want to organise them in multiple ways such as:
    • The original layout or multiple collections.
    • By Date
    • By family, person, or topic
    • Type of image (certificates, cars, then people, then places…)
    • Source, ownership (don’t forget copyright), privacy (living people) and appropriateness.
    • Manageability, for example some collections may be very large.

How you approach the answers to some of these questions will dictate what you need to acquire and use in the way of computer tools and choosing software.

What tools/products/services are currently available to help us? (some information sourced from the Family Search Developer Network).

  • Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom (this is what I use).
  • GIMP
  • Google/Picasa
  • Flickr
  • iPhoto
  • A family tree plus photo web site appears to be a new venture from which allows you to upload family trees  and photographs and tag them.
  • Facebook
  • A photo sharing acapability 1000memories is a way to organize, share and discover the old photos and memories of family and friends. They have introduced Shoebox for the iPhone, a means to scan and share old photos.
  • A family tree and phot sharing web site. Share your family tree and photos
  • A photo sharing capability thinglink. to quote their web site “ Thinglink, a provider of image interaction tools, changes how people interact with photos by transforming them into a navigational surface for search, commerce, and social connection.Thinglink technology lets businesses and consumers connect their images to anywhere on the Internet. 90+ billion photos online offer rich opportunities for in-image links to engaging user experiences that will transform how we interact with images.”
  • A service which allows you to add some family information plus pictures: to quote their web site “Purposefully designed for family historians, Family Photoloom is the easiest, most effective way to organize your photos and document images around your genealogy.”.
  • Primarily a photograph organisation system this is a suite of products/services  described as a complete family history management system.
  • Spreadsheets and the like.