I am obviously interested in my health. Since September 2012 I have been concentrating on activity to improve my health and to help me live longer healthier. I have put some of the thoughts into articles in this web site.

I feel I need to take more control over my destiny. I need to figure out what to do to improve my health, what to eat and how to exercise. This is a life style change for the rest of my life. I watched the last of the three part documentary on BBC TV (August 2013) “the men who made us fat”. It left me feeling very unhappy.

It validated my conclusions that I am on my own, along with a few like minded souls. I feel that the only thing I can do is to examine the science and make my own decisions as to what I need to do to improve and maintain health, with respect to diet, exercise, and life style. I now know I have to scrutinise even more carefully the food I purchase and eat to ensure that it falls within the bounds of what I have decided is good for me. I will make those decisions by evaluating the science (see my post on references). Even then you have to be careful what the basis was for the science, what its sponsorship was. I will review the  government, industry (food, health, fitness) and independent advice, but I will then make my own decisions based on the science.

There appears to be an overabundance of advice. It is difficult to see the wood for the trees. The words used can be confusing, for example go to here for a discussion of the word fat and here for the phrase eat well.

So click here to have a look at my experiences so far.

I am not a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist, I am an engineer. This is only my personal interpretation of what I have read and my experiences from what I have done. You should not take my experiences, nor what I write about as any form of recommendation. Always consult your medical advisors first. What I have done so far is not suitable for everyone, which is a good reason to check with your doctor first.