2 Day Diet: Is That Really Enough?

By | 2015-08-10

The 2-Day Diet was created by Dr. Michelle Harvie, research dietitian at Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, and Professor Tony Howell.

The authors worked together in research exploring the connection between breast cancer and obesity. They designed this diet to help women with breast cancer to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Diet for 2 Consecutive Days

The 2-Day Diet is simple: For two consecutive days each week you follow a calorie-controlled diet. The rest of the week you will eat a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Research undertaken by the authors showed that this new approach to dieting can really work. It has even been demonstrated to be effective for women with a history of yo-yo dieting, who have tried everything.

The 2 Day Phase

You don’t have to count calories or go hungry on the two dieting days. Just stick with the recommended foods and suggested portions. The plan includes lean protein, healthy fats, low-fat dairy and fresh fruit.

The diet is designed to be:

Low enough in calories to allow you to lose weight but not so low that you feel hungry.

Nutritionally balanced so that all your vitamin, mineral and protein requirements are met.

On the two diet days you also need to limit your carbohydrate intake to 50 grams a day. This is because research shows that carbs make you hungry. A low-carb diet also promotes fat-burning and suppresses your appetite. …


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