Weight Loss

By reducing weight (as a consequence of the fasting) I have felt significantly healthier (A subjective view). I can walk faster, I have a sprightly step. I don’t feel hungry so often. My digestive system has improved significantly with less aches and improved regularity. I hated exercise and was reluctant to do it. Now I do it, don’t like doing it, but feel better off for doing it. The question has been posed is it lack of exercise which causes overweight, or overweight which causes lack of exercise. Certainly in my case I feel it is the latter.

The trouble with loosing weight is a need to invest in new clothes!

Neverthless it is exciting to loose weight. So what is my progress so far:. The diagram below is a daily plot of my weight since 15/9/2012. This plot was taken on the 4th August 2015. The blue line is weight in Kg. The Red line is waist size in cm (plotted against the y2 scale). I will update this on an infrequent basis. As you can see it has a marked saw tooth appearance representing the fast days (the troughs) and the non-fast days the peaks. This is discussed in weight patterns. Every now and again you can see the steady progress downward has a blip. You can see that during the first few months there was significant progress. After that progress has been steady with no obvious tail off until around 74Kg. This tail off has caused me to adjust my target weight from 70kg to 72Kg. The lowest weight recorded was 70.4kg. The rise experienced in July 2015 was due to two luxurious vacations. Now to see if it will come down again.


Items to be added

  1. Eating less calories. What is the effect of  a fast day.
  2. Exercise and loosing weight. Improve lean body mass. Why what does that mean?
  3. Eat the right things to develop protein, and use less sugar.

You might like to go to the following article which explains the energy, weight, exercise balance argument. http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/fat-loss/the-energy-balance-equation.html.

 I am not a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist, I am an engineer. This is only my personal interpretation of what I have read and my experiences from what I have done. You should not take my experiences, nor what I write about as any form of recommendation. Always consult your medical advisors first. What I have done so far is not suitable for everyone, which is a good reason to check with your doctor first.