Wine: French: Bordeaux: Baron de Brane

By | 2016-05-21

This is a Second label wines. from Château Brane-Cantenac. I have tried both the 2005 and the 2006. The 2005 is definately better than the 2006 which is a bit harsher. Both have strong flavour. Goes down very well, ideal with strong red meat. I bought the 2005 originally at about 10€ per bottle. Last time I looked it was nearer 45€ per bottle (the first label being nearer 90€). The last time I bought the 2006 it was 10€ per bottle. The 2005 seems to be suffering from the French price hiklng of 2005 wines. I rate the 2005 at 8/10 and the 2006 at 7/10.

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