Wine: French: Bordeaux: Médoc: Château Le Monge.

By | 2016-05-21

The vines are planted in Bégadan village: north-west of Bordeaux, between Atlantic Ocean and Gironde estuary. As the estate is settled between 2 large mass of water, the vineyards get the positive influence on moderating all temperature fluctuations.

Process: Wine made in stainless steel vats. 3 to 4 weeks fermentation with 2 daily pumping over for an optimum extraction of the colour. 20 months maturing including 6 months in wooden barrels. (source:

Rémi Doret propiétaire Bégadan Gironde France. Bottle by the proprietor.

2009: 13.5% ABV my score 12.9/20 (21/5/2016)

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